If you like it…

Well finally I get to put a ring on it!

Recently we picked up our rings from the fantastic NZ Jewellers, mine brand new and Chelsea’s quite old (originally from an antique dealer, just needed a shine up!) Now we both have our rings AND we’re under budget! How’d we manage that?


We got quite different rings but we’ve tied them together with three things – yellow gold, diamonds and rubies. Chelsea’s ring is from the 1800s and really makes me think of Game of Thrones. Completely her style (she’s such a geek and it really appeals to her fandom-ness). She’ll look like a real queen with that thing on her finger! Mine on the other hand is modern with a bit of white gold added in – something quite different from the regular ol’ plain wedding band for both of us. But hey, nothing about this wedding is regular or traditional. It fits us both perfectly.

Now for a few facts about rubies:

  • The world’s largest ruby is owned by a Chinese jewellery company. It weighs 8184 g (40920 Carat) and measures 5.11 x 5.43 x 5.70 inches.
  •  Rubies, because of their brilliant red hues, are often related to themes concerning the essence and vibrancy of life. If there is one gemstone that represents the passion of love, it is the ruby.
  • The symbolism associated with Rubies is as follows:  Devotion, Integrity, Courage, Happiness
  • Almost all rubies have flaws. Rubies without imperfections are exceptionally rare and command prices even higher than diamonds of a similar weight and quality.
  • Rubies are also the Wedding anniversary gemstone and are given as gifts for the 40th year of marriage.

I just love these! I could relate everything to our relationship.. except for the world’s largest ruby – that’s just a cool fact! Themes of essence and vibrancy of life, passion of love, devotion, integrity, courage and happiness – all amazing qualities for our marriage. And to top that off – I just love that every ruby comes with flaws. As do we all aye?

Till next time,


One thought on “If you like it…

  1. Elle Spicer says:

    Wow gorgeous rings and what find…don’t see rings like that around…and as you said…totally perfect for you both. I love them

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