Picture this…

Last Sunday Theresa and I had the absolute pleasure of having an engagement shoot with the very talented Oliver Rosser – most of the photos around this place are due to his creative genius. I am impressed there are some nice ones that made it into the mix because I essentially spent the whole shoot laughing while walking around Cornwall Park. We stopped traffic, invaded some family picnics and made Ollie climb a tree. I hope our wedding shoot is this fun!



2 thoughts on “Picture this…

  1. Paige says:

    What a fantastic and creative way to keep friends and loved ones in the loop. I’ll be following your journey for sure and I cant wait for the BBQ and pictures. Make sure there is plenty. Thanks for the invites cuzzies and much love to yahs. XXXXXX

  2. Elle Spicer says:

    Awesome pics girls…you both look so happy and content xxx

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