New York

Why New York?

When we got engaged we talked through every possible wedding idea and as it wasn’t legal at the time to get married in New Zealand we decided we would elope! Our first plan was Canada and honeymoon in New York…  But soon after, Gay Marriage became legal in NY and we thought – brilliant, we will combine our wedding and honeymoon! And here we are! Recently Gay Marriage has been legalised in New Zealand which we are fully supportive of and very excited about, but our NY wedding plans had already been created so we decided to see them through.

After deciding on New York for our wedding, it seemed like the obvious choice to have our ceremony in the incredible Central Park. We found an event planning company online through the Central Park website called ‘I Do New York’ and after selecting a wedding package we had to choose our locations. Central Park is 843 acres so we had a lot to choose from! We settled on a gorgeous little pagoda next to a lake, surrounded by greenery and with the beautiful Manhattan skyline on the horizon.


Because the pavilion area is cosy, our wedding planners and Central Park have limited our number of guests to 25 so we’ll be inviting family only for this one. Because of this, we’ve decided to host our own post-wedding party in Auckland when we return from our honeymoon for those of you who may not be able to make it to the Big Apple. We also understand the expense of it. It has taken us three years of saving already, with another one to go! So we wanted to make sure you all had a way to celebrate with us no matter what, hence this website.

Anyway, back to the venue – Central Park. So following from our ceremony, we’ll be taking a short walk to another area in the park, a beautiful little spot also next to the lake with surrounds that will look gorgeous in the Fall season of our wedding!


And at this spot, we’ll be having a lovely picnic with catering by the famous New York style eatery, Dean & Deluca. We have already started having the first of many Skype meetings with our wedding planner, Shannon, to discuss the little details for the ceremony and reception. She’s a star and we’re looking forward to having her produce and stage manage our wedding, instead of us!

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