Here we go!

So this blog was created almost a year ago and nothing much has happened on it since and I’ll tell you why!  In July 2011 Theresa and I decided that we wanted to get married in New York so we made a plan and we started organizing.

In the last year we have both been fortunate enough to have career booms – Theresa is now working full-time as a Producer for Red Leap Theatre, with a few directing projects on the side, while I have been Stage Managing predominantly for Red Leap and Auckland Theatre Company.

The first step in our plan wasn’t to start saving but instead to get ourselves out of the debt we had accumulated while we were students – which we have managed to do! So 2013 becomes SAVINGS YEAR! We are counting every penny, Theresa is collecting coins in jars and together we are working our butts off!

This blog is not only a record for ourselves but a way to involve everyone who cannot join us on our special day (as we understand that travelling to New York for a wedding isn’t within most people’s budgets) and to keep everyone up to date with our marital adventures!

During our January holidays Theresa and I spent some time getting our planning off the ground: we have chosen a venue, found a celebrant and a photographer – blogs about them will be coming! There is one thing we do know for certain – our date:

Thursday the 18th of September 2014!!!!

The 18th is a special day for both Theresa and I as both of our birthdays fall on the 18th and Theresa proposed to me on the 18th of December (2010) – so we already knew what the day was going to be. We decided on September to avoid peak travel times in the American summer and to still have nice enough weather for an outdoor wedding (and it gives us another couple of months to save!).

So that’s 1 year, 8 months, 6 days to go. 614 days. Yay!!!!


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