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HEEEEEDDDDDWWWIIIIGGGGGG!! (+a bunch of other awesome)

So to pick back up where we finished the last blog… After we met Audra we were walking back to the subway and came across a motorcycle rally consisting of hundreds (if not thousands) of bikes weaving around Times Square in a memorial ride for 9/11. Pretty cool.


On Friday we met our lovely wedding planner Michelle and her assistant Sydney to discuss the finer details of our looming big day before we went to the New York City Clerk’s office to apply for a wedding licence which was such a great experience. We were there for a couple of hours as there were hundreds (hundreds!!) of couples getting married right there. It was cool the way they had it set up – there was a little kiosk where you could buy flowers or a veil or something that says “I just got married in New York”! There were people from every walk of life, all in one room celebrating love. We had a great time people watching and chatting to those around us and we get to go back after our wedding to get everything processed which I am quite looking forward to.


Following that we had a show to see!


Broadway Show #4 – Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Where: The Belasco Theatre
Seats: Centre balcony
Favourite number: Sugar Daddy
Rating: 9.5/10

Tickets purchased with contributions from: Katie & Dave Kempthorne and Michael & Sharon Wray

Now I am going to be honest – we didn’t know much about Hedwig. We knew the general plot and had listened to the soundtrack a couple of times but we were mostly going to see Andrew Rannells who is another of our Broadway favourites. But we loved it. Absolutely loved it from the first number. Rannells as Hedwig was sassy and bold and delicate all at the same time, making us laugh and cry within the same sentence, and was so vulnerable by the end that our hearts broke for her. Such a journey to go though in 90 minutes.

It was a similar set up to Lady Day in the sense that it was one performer supported by a band but completely different in every other sense. The band was an East German rock band with a transsexual lead performer (Hedwig) and her husband Yitzhak (the insanely talented Lena Hall). I have no idea what gender pronouns to use for either of them as neither is completely defined – and that is great.

It also wasn’t a show for everyone – the couple next to me absolutely hated it. At the end when we jumped up to give our standing ovation they looked at me like “why are you doing that?” to which I looked back “why are you not?”. I’m pretty sure they were the only people in the theatre who remained planted in their seats while everyone else was clapping and screaming for the cast. You can’t please everyone I guess.

The lighting was SPECTACULAR and the timing was superb, never missing a beat.

We now also possess a couple of playbills for “The Hurt Locker Musical”, which is brilliant (Musical Theatre fans, when you are having a bad day, I am going to make you read this) and a couple of playbills signed by the stars themselves.


We absolutely want to go again. We are hoping that fate will make it work. Gush, gush, gush, rave, rave, rave. 9.5! Thank you Kempthornes and Wrays!!


This clip is of Neil Patrick Harris (who preceded Rannells in the role of Hedwig) performing our favourite number at the Tony’s this year and is a bit raunchy – you have been warned!

I am thinking of renaming our blog, “Pulling stupid faces all around America”. What do you think?


Yesterday was raining so it made a good catchup day. We ventured out to Queens to meet up with Jess, a friend of mine from Uni which was awesome. We then explored Grand Central station a bit (we are going to go back and do the audio tour another rainy day that isn’t a weekend – PEOPLE EVERYWHERE) and we saw the TKTS red steps empty for the first time EVER. I particularly loved the ‘Wet Floor’ signs everywhere – no kidding, it’s raining. We met Matt Smith a friend of ours that has come over for the wedding and caught up with what he has been doing over the last couple of days before nipping off to our next show…


Broadway Show #5 – If/Then
Where: The Richard Rodgers Theatre
Seats: Side Orchestra
Favourite number: What the Fuck
Rating: 6/10

We didn’t think we were ever going to be disappointed leaving a Broadway show, particularly one starring Idina Menzel but we were. Our friend Jess called If/Then ‘Rent 2’ and after watching it I agree. The show was set in ‘The recent past’ of New York and Theresa referred to it as a cross between The Young and The Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. There was big drama, characters singing their feelings (a lot) and a world of clichés. There were lesbian and bisexual characters thrown in for good measure that got married and divorced at the drop of a hat and a huge mirrored set on hydraulics that really seemed to serve no purpose.

The most disappointing thing was the score. Idina sung like the superstar she is but anyone who has heard the Wicked soundtrack (or the Frozen one for that matter) knows that she can belt and that’s what she is known for but she wasn’t given a chance.


By the time we got outside the signing area was so full (with hundreds of Disney fans who camp out during the show to get first in line) that there was no point in trying to join the queue and we walked away very disappointed but had a great time dissecting the show on the train and grateful to be going to see some old favourites next that we know should be good.

Double show day today and then some familiar faces from home are arriving!!! It’s all go!


Nothing suits me like a suit

Our wedding outfits are complete and we are so excited!!!

We have to thank our incomparable team for all of their hard work and generosity in making our wedding garments for our big day.

Firstly, the amazing Elizabeth Whiting who has designed my suit and has made me feel like this:

And the incredible Gayle, Lynn and Sophie who have worked together to create Chelsea’s beautiful dress which is so stunning!

Now for some photos…



… Spoilers!

Gayle has also designed and created the bowties that our bridal party will be wearing alongside us on the day. Why I hear you ask? Because bow ties are cool.

Till next time,




Secret Confessions

So today I am going to share with you two secret things that you may not know about Theresa and I unless a) you are some of our closest friends or b) you have lived with us at some point. Intrigued? Read on.

Firstly, Theresa is a big believer in fate/destiny/luck/the universe etc. I was skeptical to begin with but over time I have come around to her way of thinking, in particular her “Everything happens for a reason” philosophy. It has become a good way of coping with the ups and downs of life and for the most part has proven to be a great way of keeping a positive mindset.

Secondly, we are big reality TV junkies particularly ‘The Amazing Race’, ‘The Block’ and of course, ‘American Idol’. We have been known to pick favourites, create our own battle plans and watch whole seasons online before they have even been advertised in NZ (Go Team NZ! #NZvsAUSAmazingRace).

So recently we have had a nod from the universe that I am finding super exciting. While we are in New York we are seeing a show each night that we can – we are ridiculously excited about this. But a while back when building our show plan we decided to keep the night of Tuesday the 16th (2 days before our wedding) free for some reason. No particular reason but we did and it has remained empty for months. While searching around on the internet a week ago I discovered that on that Tuesday night Phillip Phillips was doing a one off concert at a theatre in Times Square.

This is a big deal to us because Phillip Phillips is an American Idol contestant from 2012 who we fell in love with from his first audition – watch this clip and you’ll see why.

Throughout the competition he didn’t change his style, basically ignored the judges’ stupid advice and just continued being awesome and he won the thing. The importance of all of this is that he sings our wedding song – Home. We will get to see it live just hours before we walk down the aisle to it being performed by our wonderful musician Frank Persico.

Everything happens for a reason.



Well yesterday was one month until the big day and we’re ten days from the hen’s party which means 11 days till departure – holy moly! Can’t believe we’re this close already! It feels like we’ve been building to this for so long that it almost would never happen. Four years of planning and saving and here we are at the final countdown!

One incredible important individual that I have to mention on this special day is our amazing travel agent Leonie. No jokes – this woman has been working with me for TWO YEARS to plan every little detail of the wedding trip and has patiently waited while Chels and I pick and choose where we’re going and what we’re doing and then meticulously planned each and every detail of the honeymoon. She is an absolute star and finally, at the end of last week, I went to visit her for the last time to pick up all of our paperwork. She was so excited that she even spent time on arts and crafts for our tickets:

And because Chelsea wasn’t there when I went to pick them up, she wrapped her itinerary copy like a present!

We could not have asked for a more supportive, enthusiastic and superb individual to guide us through all of our bookings. So Leonie, now that you have signed up to our blog – this is a huge THANKS to you!!! And for the rest of you, I would recommend this wonderful woman, but she is off to greater skies with a new job and a new company. She has left with a bang, having finished with our honeymoon (thank God she didn’t leave before finishing with us!!!). Wishing you all the best Leonie and thank you again.

Right, time to write the packing list for our suitcases!

Theresa x

Any Recommendations?

The last few weeks have been a bit topsy-turvy with Theresa and I living in separate cities for work. We have been organizing completely different parts of our wedding trip. Now we are both back in Auckland, it is full steam ahead! We have had two major countdown dates this week – on Wednesday it was 50 days until our wedding day and yesterday it was 30 days until we leave!

Now we are into planning for the trip!

It’s hard to remember sometimes that we are getting married in the middle of our trip and then at other times the trip seems secondary to the big day. We have been sorting through our guide books, I have downloaded the travel apps and read the blogs (well I start to and then I wind up on youtube watching Audra Mcdonald Sing ‘Summertime’ (I would literally listen to her sing ANYTHING) or Sutton Foster tap her heart out… Oh! is that a new… anyway I digress…) nothing beats recommendations – any advice for NYC, Boston or San Fran traveller friends?

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to those who have been donating to our honeyfund! You lot are amazing! Theresa and I are feeling so blessed and supported by our friends and colleagues. Our Musical wishlist looks incredible and we wouldn’t be able to do it without all of your help.

To-do lists have been written, my dress is almost done, Theresa is having suit fittings, everything is on track and the days are quickly counting down!

Now, what’s next on the to-do list?


Good News Sandwich

So this is going to be a Good News/Bad News/Good News post – a good news sandwich if you will!

Good News:
The key to our New York apartment arrived in the post yesterday! SO EXCITING!


Theresa’s wedding shoes arrived in the post this morning (but no photo of those yet), I had the first fitting for the top part of my dress on Wednesday night and Theresa has been all measured up for her suit – everything is ticking along as planned. I also learnt how to make dollar bill origami, I figure it will come in handy at some point.


Bad News:
We always knew it was coming, but today is the day. Theresa has flown down to Christchurch for work and on Tuesday I fly down to Wellington for a month – it means a total of 31 days we are going to be living apart (Yip, I counted.) But, it does mean when we both return to Auckland that there will be 34 days until we leave for our trip (Again, yes I counted). It is getting so close!


Good News:
We have some AMAZING friends and family – We have received so many donations recently to our honeyfund and we are feeling so lucky to be surrounded by people who want to support us on our special day. Thank you so much!




Our Home Away From Home

It’s just under three months until we depart NZ and things are getting exciting!

While we are in NYC we’ll be staying at this apartment for the month:
 External view of our apt

We found it on a website called which was recommended to us by friends. Similar to, it works like NZ’s bookabach and allows you to find houses and apartments in different cities around the USA and the world. You contact the owner, in our case Gina, and you book directly through them.
Our apartment is a studio with one bedroom, located on the Upper East Side about 5 minutes walk from Central Park and just a subway ride away from Times Square. Gina was worried we might find it too small but for those of you who have seen where we’ve been living in Auckland lately, the NYC apartment will be fairly luxurious in space. We also have a pretty awesome view!
 Apt View-001
 We’re excited that we have our own kitchen for cooking, especially because there’s a farmer’s market just across the road which we can attend weekly for groceries. And the coolest thing? Gina has posted the keys to us from NYC so we can check in as soon as we arrive – They should be arriving any day now!!



Today Something Exciting Happened…

… I went shopping with the wonderful Gayle and Lynn and one of my beautiful bridesmaids Elaine and we found the perfect material for my wedding dress!

I’m not going to give much detail on the dress itself (spoilers!) but the material we settled on moves like water and I know Gayle and Lynn will turn it into something incredibly beautiful for our special day.


Everything is starting to feel real and I can’t stop smiling. I can’t wait for the next step – fittings!





Lullaby of Broadway

We have been busy trucking along with our wedding plans in the last few weeks paying deposits, writing our vows and saving every… single… penny! We have become very reclusive and are questioning every dollar we spend because we want to make the absolute most of our time on our fabulous wedding trip! Also… apologies in advance for handmade birthday presents!

I posted this photo on facebook a couple of weeks ago. It’s $44 of American money we have had on our wall for two years as a reminder of what we are saving for and it is going to buy us a drink to toast with the night we arrive in New York and head to Times Square.

A few of our friends and family members following that post have since contacted us and asked if they can add money to our kitty and each time we have graciously thanked them and politely suggested they look at our Honeyfund!

Our Honeyfund is an online gift registry where instead of gifts we have created an option to contribute towards a brilliant theatrical performance! For those of you who know Theresa and I, we are Musical Theatre junkies, so spending our honeymoon as Broadway babies is going to be a dream come true.

So we are basically crowdsourcing our honeymoon and as a result we are going to post our reviews of the shows on this site with a HUGE appreciation for those people that got us there! Thank you so much to those who have contributed so far!

Much love and appreciation,