Beautiful, Beautiful Boston!

So Tuesday we dropped off the rental car and Kirsty directed us to Chinatown for an amazing and HUGE meal. We then went on a digestive walk through Boston Common & Park.


And got to see the chubbiest squirrel yet!


From there we got to experience the ‘Kirsty Danielson Walking Tour of Boston’ which included the Boston Legal building and the gorgeous library which is the oldest in America… maybe… the tour facts got a little vague at times (most of the old guy statues were identified as Dumbledore’s long lost cousin or brother. Hmm).



Tuesday night we had a great catch up with friends old and new – reuniting with the lovely Bridget and meeting her husband and Kirsty’s flatmates… House mates? Roommates? We digress. Wednesday we slept in (SLEPT IN!!) and decided to have a chilled out day. We ended up taking up residence in Boston Common on our Yankees blanket (a dangerous thing in the Red Sox zone) under some beautiful trees and chilled – took photos, leaf peeped and read. It was so lovely to just stop for a couple of hours.


We came home and met Kirsty as she finished work, had a lovely meal, watched a movie and ended the night with tea. Fabulous.


Yesterday it was raining and stormy so we flagged all the touristy plans and went to the movies and what an experience that was – the place was HUGE, the snacks list was insane and the seats reclined. Brilliant. And then Kirsty took us to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner to celebrate our wedding – SO good.


We like Boston.



PS – We want to send a big shout out to the beautiful Hanaray sisters (well actually Karen Dodd and Ruth Evans, both married) who both have birthdays this month – Karen on the 14th and Ruth on the 24th. We thought we’d post in the middle of both of your days so sending HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you guys from Boston! Love you lots and hope you get spoilt rotten xxx =



Puppies, Pumpkins & Leaf Peeping

So! Monday started with a photo shoot with one of the most characteristic dogs I’ve ever met. He was afraid of the sound of the camera clicking (but loves the lawn mower – go figure right?) so Theresa distracted him with a super long game of fetch.


I love taking photos of animals as much as I like doing small human shoots. I have yet to do both combined (… I’m looking at you Trieu family…)


Last night I was actually offered a job in Nashua as a photographer of an event through a friend of Steph’s who saw Remy’s photos on Facebook – although unfortunately we aren’t in New Hampshire on the date! Following puppy playtime we went to a place that I was VERY excited about visiting – a pumpkin patch!


There were so many different types of pumpkins and the best kettle corn we have ever had.


Following the great pumpkin adventure Steph graciously drove me around a bunch of back roads just to let me take photos of trees – the colours are so vibrant and beautiful and I love watching the leaves fall (I was informed last night that this is called Leaf Peeping. I am a Leaf Peeper. Theresa is also a Leaf Peeper but often is a dangerous Leaf Peeper as she Peeps Leaves while driving.) These photos are a mere few of hundreds – seriously, you want pictures of leaves? Come to me!


New Hampshire is so incredibly pretty. We had a wonderful time with Steph, Doug and Remy and looking forward to our next catch up!


Yesterday we were up early and drove down to Provincetown, Rhode Island, for a quick visit to HP Lovecraft’s house and headstone for our wonderful Scott which was incredibly interesting – we made friends with the cemetery security guard and he told us about all sorts of strange going ons – looking forward to a debriefing beer Dr Scott!


After a quick stroll around Brown University we arrived in Boston to see the fabulous Kirsty! So much awesome has happened already – Boston week is going to be amazing!


There is so much more to come!


New to New Hampshire!

On Friday we left Niagara falls (via an amazing pancake house – yum) and took our car Bernadette and our GPS Cynthia (names we bestowed on them) towards our next destination.


We travelled to Waterloo to see the wonderful Katie and Dave for a quick lunch visit! We got to see their adorable apartment and town and Chelsea forgot to take photos, except for this one!


From there we drove to Toronto through peak hour/ long weekend traffic (it’s a public holiday today) and made our way to the wonderful and awesomely named Chelsea Hotel for the night. Then we were up early the next morning to travel from sunny Canada to rainy Boston and pick up our new Car  – Nancy and our GPS – Helen.



We travelled through to Nashua in New Hampshire to meet an old friend of Theresa’s, Steph, her lovely husband Doug and this little guy – Remington!


Isn’t he cute?! Adorable. Yesterday we travelled through beautiful Massachusetts to Salem to explore the area and its history – we checked out the local psychic and witchcraft fair (apparently things go kind of crazy around Halloween) and we went on a bus tour with a guide giving us all the facts of the region before grabbing a bite to eat – fun day!


Tonight we returned to Nashua and Doug built a fire pit solely so that Theresa and I could make proper American smores with GIANT marshmellows. Yum.


Steph and Doug have also introduced Theresa to something that has the potential to be gross but is actually amazing – pumpkin spice beer! Served in a beer glass with the rim covered in caramel and dipped in cinnamon sugar = YUM! Apparently it’s only around for Fall – does anyone know an equivalent in NZ? If not we should start a new trend.


It has been so cool seeing all the pumpkins on the doorsteps and the Fall wreaths on doors. Fall is a cool time of year! Happy Columbus Day everyone!


Surprise trip detour #1

… Pation!!

So when Theresa and I were initially planning our wedding years ago, we went through every different type of wedding (big, small, church, beach, etc etc etc) and would inevitably end up in an argument because T’s family is big and mine is tiny, or the cost was crazy, or we couldn’t agree on some important detail and so on. For a while, talking about the wedding just meant arguing – which is strange because we don’t normally disagree that much. One day we were watching an episode of ‘The Office’, specifically Jim & Pam’s wedding, and in it the couple were having such a hard time that they ran away and eloped before returning to their friends for the party. I turned to Theresa and said “Let’s do that”. She agreed and from that moment on we stopped fighting about the wedding, a big weight was lifted off our shoulders and planning began to get fun.

And how did Jim & Pam get married?

inside falls (11)

On a boat in Niagara falls.

So that was our plan for a really long time – elope in Canada, not tell anyone and just run away. But of course plans change, gay marriage went through for New York (where we were going to honeymoon) and we thought it might be a little lonely by ourselves. So that is why we invited our immediate family and best mates. On the night of our perfect Wedding Day, Theresa surprised me with this – for years she had been saving her per diems (daily food allowance) from work tours to secretly pay for a couple of extras on this trip beginning with a quick detour to where our plans all started!

inside falls (6)inside falls (3)inside falls (4)

Wednesday we hopped on a plane to Toronto and Theresa drove us (on the wrong side of the road!) to Niagara and today, after a quick shopping run to find a cheap waterproof camera (thanks Target), we made that trip! “Does that mean there are photos of you both in ridiculous ponchos?” I hear you ask? Yes, yes it does.

inside falls (7)

Also, see that little boat at the bottom of the falls?

inside falls (2)

That’s where we went. This is what that looked like inside the haze…

inside falls (8)

It felt like being caught in a huge heavy downpour. We got drenched. Most people ran undercover, we decided to embrace it and had the best time!

 inside falls (1)

We also made friends with the Captain and got a free second journey! He was a great guy although I doubt he would have been as awesome as our celebrant Annie!

inside falls (9)
Niagara itself isn’t much to write home about, mostly casinos and ridiculous tourist traps but the Falls make the trip so worth it! Today we head into Toronto for 1 night with a short visit with the Kempthorne’s before we are back to our scheduled programming: Boston!

inside falls (5)


PS – Yes, I did mention there were two surprise additions from Theresa (despite her agreeing to have no surprises on this trip). You’ll have to wait for the other one!

PPS – Happy International Stage Managers Day Friends!! Here is a double rainbow in your honour:

inside falls (10)


Saying Goodbye to a Wonderful Town

So we are literally sitting in line at JFK airport waiting to check in and feel that it is an opportune time to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who contributed to our wedding/honeyfund/honeymoon in any way.



Thanks to your help we were able to see 30 shows in the 30 days we were in the Big Apple and it was absolutely amazing and more than we could have ever planned or dreamed it would be!

So Roll Call Time!

A.Nony Mouse
Alex Yates
Ali Bruce
Amanda Grace Leo
Anna Nuria
Anne-Marie Ravlich
Barbara Hanaray
Bernard Hanaray
Bridget Scanlan
Bruce Commerer
Bryan Barkla
Cassi Mayersohn
Chrissy Bell
Clodagh Mills
Commerer Family
David Kempthorne
Donny McDonald
Elaine Walsh
Elizabeth Barkla
Helaina Keeley
Ian Hanaray
Jamie Johnstone
Jamie Webster
Jess Gersz
Jo Silver
John Clarke
JP Twaalfhoven
Katie Kempthorne
Kim Hanaray
Kirsty Danielson
Kjersti Engeland-Fors
Lauren Law
Long Family
Luca Evans
Mary Carll
Matt Evans
Matt Smith
Michael Wray
Michelle Commerer
Mick Bell
Molly Hanaray
Natalie Braid
Natasja Bell
Nola Galyer
Nolan Hanaray
Oliver Rosser
Paige Kermeen
Peter Hanaray
Richard Trieu
Ron Galyer
Ruth Evans
Sally Yates
Sam Trieu
Samantha Molyneux
Sandra Rassmussen
Scott Wilson
Shannon Starr
Sharon Wray
Sr Trish Hanaray
Susan McDonald
Teresa Callaghan
Therese Clarke
Tiffany Kalin
Tim Jansen
Tony Marr
Trieu Family
Val Lynch

We appreciate and absolutely love all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


We loved our time in New York (although we never got a piece of real New York pizza – gosh darn it, we will have to come back sometime) and now today we say goodbye to this wonderful city and continue on in our journey – we are only HALF WAY through our trip after all!

Next stop – Surprise additional location #1! Just to create some antici…




New York City Gets A 10 Out of 10!

So here we are. Final night in the Big Apple, this great city of New York. We’ve just arrived home after a day of farewelling this place in the world that hosted our most special Wedding Day and the greatest month of our lives.


And we began by saying goodbye to our Wedding location, the Ladies Pavilion at Central Park.


On our way, of course we had to stop at the Halloween store we came across. All of the shops have decorated and are starting to rev up for the holiday. It was so awesome seeing all of the things available to buy. And we would totally have the best Halloween party at our house if we lived here. Really cool lights and decorations and freaky electronic jump-out-at-you fun things!



Funny that as fate would have it, we actually bumped into our celebrant as we entered Central Park – the gorgeous Rev Annie Lawrence, as we were walking through the park on our way to the pavilion. She was with an Australian couple, having just married them, and we stopped for a photo with her and a hug to say “till next time”.


We spent some quiet time together at the pavilion, reflecting on our perfect Wedding experience, then headed to what we believe to be THE best burger joint in NYC (the World probably!) – Five Guys Burgers. If you ever visit this city, please, PLEASE, go and get a burger from these guys. Talk about YUM!


Then after a brief farewell to our friend Jess, we walked to our final destination – 44th Street. 30 shows in 30 days and we decided that number 30 had to be our favourite. From all of the shows that have been gifted to us and that we have been privileged to attend, we chose one very special show that has come to mean so much to us…


Broadway Show #30: Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Where: Belasco Theatre
Seats: Front Balcony
Favourite Number: Andrew Rannells and Lena Hall in EVERYTHING
Rating: 10/10

Yes, that’s right, HEDWIG. We were so incredibly fortunate to be able to see Andrew Rannells and Lena Hall, once again, in this amazing show. And there’s no words to describe just how amazing it is.


6 weeks ago when we were in NZ, soon to embark on our journey, we tried listening to the soundtrack of this show and thought it was a bit weird and didn’t really get into it much but thought we should see the show as a part of our Broadway experience. And here we are, completely turned around in our opinion and loving the crap out of this show. Tonight was exciting and emotional and absolutely the perfect ending to our time in New York City. And to top it all off, we got to meet the two stars after the show once again. Both of them are so talented and so gracious in person and both generous enough to have a chat afterwards. We were even more the fan-girls this time, buying the poster for Andrew Rannells and the band to sign, and getting our photos with Lena Hall before she autographed our poster. Might seem silly but it was so fantastic for us and a really special ending to it all.



Tomorrow we travel onwards as we continue this amazing honeymoon.

T&C xxx


The Final Frontier

Yesterday I got home and was feeling like we had the most magical day. And then I realised that I couldn’t choose that Sunday over any other day we’ve had. In fact, they’ve all been magical in their own glorious amazing ways. And here we are, at the beginning of the end. One day before we journey on. It’s a little sombre but mostly we’re just enjoying each and every moment, in the moment, as we live and experience it.

And we began yesterday with such a wonderful show..

gentlemans guide

Broadway Show #28: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder
Where: Walter Kerr Theatre
Seats: Centre Balcony
Favourite Number: I’ve Decided To Marry You
Rating: 8.5/10

Tickets purchased with contributions from: A. Nony. Mouse

This was so incredibly fantastic! (I know we say that about all of the shows but seriously… they are just SO GOOD!) We saw a bit of this earlier in the year when we watched the Tony Awards on tv and then the show won a bunch of awards so we were intrigued enough to see it. And it was most definitely worth it! The best thing about this show, unlike many Broadway musicals, is the density and complexity of the story. You really had to pay attention to not miss anything. It was all very cleverly interwoven and hilarious. Here’s the clip we saw from the Tony’s to give you an idea:

At the beginning of the clip, you can see one man, Jefferson Mays, having a few costume changes. Well he played EIGHT characters in the show! All of whom are murdered in hilarious ways. But the amazing thing watching him on stage was the pace at which he changed between all of his different characters, switching between them numerous times. He also had the biggest role in the show – all of his characters sang and danced. He was working his butt off! And was really funny. Here’s another small clip of him:

The set was amazing. It was a stage within a stage and the changing between scenes was very clever. Although we know a tonne of money would have gone into this budget, it occurred to us that the simplicity of the design and show (outside of the costume design required for Jefferson May’s characters) means that one day, if (when) this show’s performing rights becomes available, it will absolutely be possible for amateur companies to perform which is cool because it is such great writing and the music is wonderful and it inspires the thought that musical theatre can be as interesting in its story and as good as a really great play.


In the evening, we treated ourselves to enjoying one of our favourite shows a second time:


Broadway Show #29: Matilda
Where: Shubert Theatre
Seats: Balcony
Favourite Number: Quiet/ When I Grow Up
Rating: 8.5/10

This was, once again, a beautiful show and wonderful experience. We had a different Matilda this time, Eliza Holland Madore, and she was smaller and adorable and so great. It’s incredible to see such a young person carry a massive show on their shoulders. The script is huge and she leads a lot of the singing as well.

It felt a little like a sombre book-end of our trip (although our actual book-end will be tomorrow night but more on that later) because it was the first Broadway show we saw. And it was truly wonderful. We love this show and have every intention of getting the soundtrack to continue our enjoyment of it in future. This one will hold a special place for us always.

Now, we gave you ‘When I Grow Up’ last time. So this time, here’s a clip of one of my other faves – ‘Quiet’:


There was no lottery win for us today (thanks for those who voted but we’ll have to catch Kinky Boots next time!) so we headed to the High Line instead, arriving just after the sun set. It was great! A disused railway track that has been turned into a public walkway – what’s not to love?


One day more..