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Saying Goodbye to a Wonderful Town

So we are literally sitting in line at JFK airport waiting to check in and feel that it is an opportune time to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who contributed to our wedding/honeyfund/honeymoon in any way.



Thanks to your help we were able to see 30 shows in the 30 days we were in the Big Apple and it was absolutely amazing and more than we could have ever planned or dreamed it would be!

So Roll Call Time!

A.Nony Mouse
Alex Yates
Ali Bruce
Amanda Grace Leo
Anna Nuria
Anne-Marie Ravlich
Barbara Hanaray
Bernard Hanaray
Bridget Scanlan
Bruce Commerer
Bryan Barkla
Cassi Mayersohn
Chrissy Bell
Clodagh Mills
Commerer Family
David Kempthorne
Donny McDonald
Elaine Walsh
Elizabeth Barkla
Helaina Keeley
Ian Hanaray
Jamie Johnstone
Jamie Webster
Jess Gersz
Jo Silver
John Clarke
JP Twaalfhoven
Katie Kempthorne
Kim Hanaray
Kirsty Danielson
Kjersti Engeland-Fors
Lauren Law
Long Family
Luca Evans
Mary Carll
Matt Evans
Matt Smith
Michael Wray
Michelle Commerer
Mick Bell
Molly Hanaray
Natalie Braid
Natasja Bell
Nola Galyer
Nolan Hanaray
Oliver Rosser
Paige Kermeen
Peter Hanaray
Richard Trieu
Ron Galyer
Ruth Evans
Sally Yates
Sam Trieu
Samantha Molyneux
Sandra Rassmussen
Scott Wilson
Shannon Starr
Sharon Wray
Sr Trish Hanaray
Susan McDonald
Teresa Callaghan
Therese Clarke
Tiffany Kalin
Tim Jansen
Tony Marr
Trieu Family
Val Lynch

We appreciate and absolutely love all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


We loved our time in New York (although we never got a piece of real New York pizza – gosh darn it, we will have to come back sometime) and now today we say goodbye to this wonderful city and continue on in our journey – we are only HALF WAY through our trip after all!

Next stop – Surprise additional location #1! Just to create some antici…




New York City Gets A 10 Out of 10!

So here we are. Final night in the Big Apple, this great city of New York. We’ve just arrived home after a day of farewelling this place in the world that hosted our most special Wedding Day and the greatest month of our lives.


And we began by saying goodbye to our Wedding location, the Ladies Pavilion at Central Park.


On our way, of course we had to stop at the Halloween store we came across. All of the shops have decorated and are starting to rev up for the holiday. It was so awesome seeing all of the things available to buy. And we would totally have the best Halloween party at our house if we lived here. Really cool lights and decorations and freaky electronic jump-out-at-you fun things!



Funny that as fate would have it, we actually bumped into our celebrant as we entered Central Park – the gorgeous Rev Annie Lawrence, as we were walking through the park on our way to the pavilion. She was with an Australian couple, having just married them, and we stopped for a photo with her and a hug to say “till next time”.


We spent some quiet time together at the pavilion, reflecting on our perfect Wedding experience, then headed to what we believe to be THE best burger joint in NYC (the World probably!) – Five Guys Burgers. If you ever visit this city, please, PLEASE, go and get a burger from these guys. Talk about YUM!


Then after a brief farewell to our friend Jess, we walked to our final destination – 44th Street. 30 shows in 30 days and we decided that number 30 had to be our favourite. From all of the shows that have been gifted to us and that we have been privileged to attend, we chose one very special show that has come to mean so much to us…


Broadway Show #30: Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Where: Belasco Theatre
Seats: Front Balcony
Favourite Number: Andrew Rannells and Lena Hall in EVERYTHING
Rating: 10/10

Yes, that’s right, HEDWIG. We were so incredibly fortunate to be able to see Andrew Rannells and Lena Hall, once again, in this amazing show. And there’s no words to describe just how amazing it is.


6 weeks ago when we were in NZ, soon to embark on our journey, we tried listening to the soundtrack of this show and thought it was a bit weird and didn’t really get into it much but thought we should see the show as a part of our Broadway experience. And here we are, completely turned around in our opinion and loving the crap out of this show. Tonight was exciting and emotional and absolutely the perfect ending to our time in New York City. And to top it all off, we got to meet the two stars after the show once again. Both of them are so talented and so gracious in person and both generous enough to have a chat afterwards. We were even more the fan-girls this time, buying the poster for Andrew Rannells and the band to sign, and getting our photos with Lena Hall before she autographed our poster. Might seem silly but it was so fantastic for us and a really special ending to it all.



Tomorrow we travel onwards as we continue this amazing honeymoon.

T&C xxx


The Final Frontier

Yesterday I got home and was feeling like we had the most magical day. And then I realised that I couldn’t choose that Sunday over any other day we’ve had. In fact, they’ve all been magical in their own glorious amazing ways. And here we are, at the beginning of the end. One day before we journey on. It’s a little sombre but mostly we’re just enjoying each and every moment, in the moment, as we live and experience it.

And we began yesterday with such a wonderful show..

gentlemans guide

Broadway Show #28: A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder
Where: Walter Kerr Theatre
Seats: Centre Balcony
Favourite Number: I’ve Decided To Marry You
Rating: 8.5/10

Tickets purchased with contributions from: A. Nony. Mouse

This was so incredibly fantastic! (I know we say that about all of the shows but seriously… they are just SO GOOD!) We saw a bit of this earlier in the year when we watched the Tony Awards on tv and then the show won a bunch of awards so we were intrigued enough to see it. And it was most definitely worth it! The best thing about this show, unlike many Broadway musicals, is the density and complexity of the story. You really had to pay attention to not miss anything. It was all very cleverly interwoven and hilarious. Here’s the clip we saw from the Tony’s to give you an idea:

At the beginning of the clip, you can see one man, Jefferson Mays, having a few costume changes. Well he played EIGHT characters in the show! All of whom are murdered in hilarious ways. But the amazing thing watching him on stage was the pace at which he changed between all of his different characters, switching between them numerous times. He also had the biggest role in the show – all of his characters sang and danced. He was working his butt off! And was really funny. Here’s another small clip of him:

The set was amazing. It was a stage within a stage and the changing between scenes was very clever. Although we know a tonne of money would have gone into this budget, it occurred to us that the simplicity of the design and show (outside of the costume design required for Jefferson May’s characters) means that one day, if (when) this show’s performing rights becomes available, it will absolutely be possible for amateur companies to perform which is cool because it is such great writing and the music is wonderful and it inspires the thought that musical theatre can be as interesting in its story and as good as a really great play.


In the evening, we treated ourselves to enjoying one of our favourite shows a second time:


Broadway Show #29: Matilda
Where: Shubert Theatre
Seats: Balcony
Favourite Number: Quiet/ When I Grow Up
Rating: 8.5/10

This was, once again, a beautiful show and wonderful experience. We had a different Matilda this time, Eliza Holland Madore, and she was smaller and adorable and so great. It’s incredible to see such a young person carry a massive show on their shoulders. The script is huge and she leads a lot of the singing as well.

It felt a little like a sombre book-end of our trip (although our actual book-end will be tomorrow night but more on that later) because it was the first Broadway show we saw. And it was truly wonderful. We love this show and have every intention of getting the soundtrack to continue our enjoyment of it in future. This one will hold a special place for us always.

Now, we gave you ‘When I Grow Up’ last time. So this time, here’s a clip of one of my other faves – ‘Quiet’:


There was no lottery win for us today (thanks for those who voted but we’ll have to catch Kinky Boots next time!) so we headed to the High Line instead, arriving just after the sun set. It was great! A disused railway track that has been turned into a public walkway – what’s not to love?


One day more..


And then there were three… (in 12 hours)

 So yesterday we broke a personal record  – Three shows, 12 hours! Madness! Which means we’re going to share this blog. So here goes…


Broadway Show #25: The Fantasticks
Where: The Jerry Orbach Theatre
Seats: Centre Orchestra
Favourite Number: Abduction Ballet
Rating: 7.5/10

Tickets purchased with contributions from: Alison Bruce

T here: This show was… fantastic! 😉 We have a bit of a history with this show – it’s become a discussion topic at Red Leap and many jokes and lots of team charades fun has been had with the “Fanta-sticks”! *you had to be there* So it was really great to finally be able to see the infamous show we’ve talked about for years. And as for Broadway, it’s quite famous too. It’s the longest running Off-Broadway show ever! It’s been running since the 1960s so even if we didn’t have our own relationship to the show, we would have gone just for the historical experience! So we were Off-Broadway for this show and we were in the smallest theatre we’ve been to in NYC – maybe about 100 seats – and there were only 25 or so people in our audience. But it was so beautifully intimate because of this. There was a very small stage (even smaller than The Basement) and the 8 actors filled it with fun and laughter.


The theatre we were in is named in honour of the man who first played the character of Narrator/ El Gallo, so that’s pretty cool. Our version of this guy, played by Edward Watts, seriously looked like McSteamy (if you watch Grey’s Anatomy then you know who I’m talking about). And he was really charming and sang wonderfully and was funny too. And seriously white teeth. What is it with white teeth in this country?!? They must have some serious chemicals in this country or maybe they just implant fake porcelains regularly.. or something. Crazy white.. Anyway, I digress – this show is an ensemble piece and really hilarious. It was very ‘panto’ which we weren’t expecting and it was like bad American acting but deliberate with how heightened it was so we really enjoyed it. Our favourite characters by far were The Old Actor, Henry (played by MacIntyre Dixon) and his sidekick, The Man Who Dies, Mortimer (played by Michael Nostrand). These roles seem to be the sort of roles that retired actors return to after a long career to have some fun. These guys would have easily been in their 70s and they were hilarious! They are the clown roles of the show so there’s a lot of slapstick and self-referencing that takes place. There’s also a lot of Shakespeare references from the character of Henry which made for even more hilarity for those of us who understood the references. And then Mortimer does exactly what his character description suggests – he’s an actor who is an expert at dying. At he gives a few examples along the way which are great. Much fun was had at this gem!


 One Down! Two to go!

Broadway Show #26: Disgraced
Where: Lyceum Theatre
Seats: Centre Balcony
Favourite Moment: The fight
Rating: 9/10

This show forced us to reflect on our ratings a bit because it was the first time that we’ve been to a serious American play and after the experience we really weren’t sure how to compare it to a musical. So we had to rate it on its own merit with a result of a high score. We chose to see this because after seeing Curious Incident… and really enjoying it, we thought perhaps our enjoyment was because we could relate to the “English-ness” of the play, being from NZ, so we wanted to experience an American play to see how different it might be. And what an experience it was. It was like an exceptional ATC or Silo play (we exited feeling similar to our experience of White Rabbit, Red Rabbit). In fact, we’re pretty damn sure that one of those companies will have it on their radar already, especially considering that it won a Pulitzer Prize in 2013. And well deserved too.  To be honest we picked Disgraced half because of the Pulitzer, half because of cast member Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother – although neither were relevant by the end.

The play explore its title – disgrace – in relation to race and the American culture and its relationship to religion, in particular Jewish and Islam, and involves discussion on 9/11. But not in an overt way. Rather, it explored regular individuals and how they relate to 9/11 in a deeply personal and revealing way, informed by their own faith. It was incredible how relevant and poignant it was, especially sitting in an American audience. It was like being a fly-on-the-wall witness to a dinner party and hearing conversations that people would ordinarily avoid or politely change topic on. It became heated and the playwright threw strong opinions into the mix, provoking characters and audience alike. We shared many gasps with our audience, especially during possibly the most shocking moment which included some stunning fight choreography.

And the lighting was something like we’ve never seen before. It was like the set designer and lighting designer had collaborated in discussion beautifully. It was all set in one room in an apartment but many days passed during the show and the lighting is what showed the passing of time. in a gorgeous subtle way. The set was built with large windows in the apartment, allowing for “daylight” and “moonlight” to stream through at different times. And there were clever small revolves allowing for seamless set and prop changes. The sound design was also wonderful, covering the passing time scene changes but again, not overtly. All elements were intergrated perfectly.

Chels and I left feeling quite emotional and we’ve been talking about it since. Not entirely sure how it would sit with NZ audiences – we feel like we only understood many classic New York references because we’ve been here for nearly a month and perhaps if we hadn’t been here for that time there’s some little gems that would have flown over our heads. But that would be a minor flaw outside of the overall experience of this show. The playwright, Ayad Akhtar, has written a beautiful provoking piece and it was amazing to sit at the end and see how he had woven all of the elements that only revealed themselves in the final moments. The protagonist was disgraced on his journey, another character gives a speech on disgrace at the end, other characters are disgraced by their opinions flying out of their mouths, and in a way, the audience is disgraced by their experience at the end. It was all very clever. 


And what a strange and wonderful night to go from that experience, onwards to our final show of the evening.. 


Broadway Show #27: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Where: Chelsea Cleaview Cinema
Seats: Side Orchestra
Favourite Number: Science Fiction/Double Feature
Rating: 8/10

Chelsea here, I am taking over for this review! We met with our wonderful friend Natalie and missioned down to the Clearview cinema in Chelsea for a midnight screening of the RHPS! This show had performers acting out the show in front of the screen in beautifully created costumes and great props! What was fantastic though was the lines that were yelled back to the screen during the movie, which is something that has spawned out of the cult following from when the midnight screenings started in 1976 because the content of the show wasn’t widely accepted –these days everyone has relaxed their moral code a bit but at this cinema EVERY Friday and Saturday night this group of performers perform to/with a full cinema.


Some examples of the screen responses:

In the back row: [front row: “Screw the back row!” while standing] [back row: “Screw the Front Row!” while standing]

Brad: I’ve got something to say. [“It’s a musical, sing it a**hole”]

Brad: Hi, my name is Brad Majors, and this is my fiancée, Janet Weiss. [“Brad, spell ‘urinate’ in shorthand.”] you are… [“Close enough.”]

Brad: Hospitality!? [echo “Horse brutality!?”] All we asked was to use your telephone.

There were also great physical moments – a crew member in the opening credits of the film had the last name Pointing, so a group ran down to the screen and pointed at it; there was a camera tilt upwards for a tie climbing moment; and there is a Crew Member called ‘Sue Blaine’ so throughout the whole show whenever anyone said “Who’s to blame?” everyone yelled “Sue’s to Blame!”.

Also, Natalie added us to the Virgin line (Virgin’s referring to the fact that it was our first time seeing the show) so we all were branded with big lipstick V’s resulting in friendly torment and some rather awkward audience participation. Thanks Natalie. I laughed until I cried and got the hiccups – in summary, extremely hard to explain but BRILLIANT night!!


So much love!

T & C


New York, New York… It’s a Helluva Town!

The last couple of days have been filled with adventure and two fantastic shows!

We began by continuing with the Great American Carousel Tour of 2014 with #5 at Central Park!


In fact on Thursday we spent the whole day at Central Park and it was truly wonderful. We hired a couple of bikes down the road from the park and cycled around all day, stopping at the carousel, the John Lennon Imagine memorial and the Alice statue and then we parked up opposite the Belvedere Castle and had a picnic on our Derek Jeter yankee blanket. We sat there by the turtle pond, gazing at the view around us, with New York City in the background and we thought “who does this?!”. We just can’t get over the fact that we’re in our dream city, spending time together with no work to distract us. It’s pretty special and we’re feeling very lucky! After we delivered our bikes back on the way into town, we found the LOVE statue and made friends with a couple of tourists who took our photo with it.


Then it was on to our next show..


Broadway Show #23: Cabaret
Where: Studio 54
Seats: Centre Mezzanine
Favourite Number: Wilkommen
Rating: 9/10

Tickets purchased with contributions from: A. Nony. Mouse

PhotoGrid_1412376089387We got to meet up with our friend Natalie for this show and we had such a fantastic night! Before the show even started the usher of the theatre moved our row from the cheapest seats at the back of the house to the centre of the mid-Mez so that was the first bonus! We ended up with amazing seats. And then the show… I have so much I want to say about this that I’m going to have to choose otherwise I’ll rant for years. But it was AMAZING. I loved it so much. Firstly, being in Studio 54 was pretty great and what they’ve done to the space is really cool. I have managed to find a time lapse of how they built the stage to make it look magical (including THE biggest mirror ball we’ve ever seen in our lives. I don’t even think this clip shows just how big it was but it might give you an idea) and the camera just happens to be about where we were sitting for the night:

And then, what can I say? Just… Alan Cumming. He is incredible. And was more than incredible on the night! I keep trying to find clips on YouTube to give you an idea of just how great he was and how great the show was but I keep finding the original season when he first played the role. Which apparently was amazing too but it doesn’t seem to do justice to our experience. Basically, the show was sexy and sassy (everything Chicago should have been) and epic and intimate and heartbreaking and beautiful and funny. The choreo was really awesome (there’s even a number where the six dancers are smoking cigars around Alan C – I bet that would hurt the lungs after a while!) and they utilised the spaces around the stage really well. The band was awesome and very much a part of the action – some of them were ensemble dancers, singers AND players in the band. I mean, come on, some people just have too much talent in one body!! But seriously, the band were great. And very much a feature of the show. And most of the time they played around the stage without any music in front of them. The conductor was playing the piano as well so she conducted/played with one hand (as you do!). [And actually, on a side note, it was really cool seeing a female conductor.] And the rest of the cast were awesome too – the older couple in particular (played by Linda Emond and Danny Burstein) were so beautiful and funny and their story was truly heartbreaking in the end. And the ensemble were multi-talented amazing individuals. We had the understudy for Sally Bowles, so no Michelle Williams for us (not sure what she would have been like) and it was the first time we weren’t taken by a cover. I mean, she did the job fine but she wasn’t great and we concluded (together with Natalie who actually saw the Auckland version in 2011) that our friend Mandy, who played Sally Bowles in Auckland, would be amazing and then we pictured her opposite Alan Cumming and thought that would just be magical (one day Mandy!). So…yes. In conclusion I was excited and moved and inspired by this show. It’s so hard to put into words just how fantastic it was but I’m sure you get the idea. Now, there’s plenty of stuff on YouTube for this show (in fact, there’s an entire Sam Mendes directed film of the original season but it looks like it’s quite different, although I’m sure it would give a fairly good idea of the show and the theatre stage looks the same from what I can tell) but I can’t really find a decent clip of the current season except for this short montage but hoping that it gives you some idea and if you want more, go exploring on YouTube..

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that the three of us managed to meet Alan Cumming afterwards and he autographed our playbills! So that was a pretty awesome fan girl moment for us all..


So! Moving on to Friday (realising this is going to be a long blog again.. whoopsie.. excitement rants take up space!) and we went exploring in Brooklyn this time..


..adding carousel #6 to the tour! This one was pretty special because we had a great view of Manhatten while we were riding.


We then went for a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge which was really cool and the sun was setting so we got amazing views of Lady Liberty and the East River and Manhatten. We also took a padlock and added our “lovelock” to the bridge, following the footsteps of many before us (although not as many as the time we added a lock to the tower gate in Busan)..

IMG_7708 IMG_7724 IMG_7755 IMG_7763 IMG_7809

We got to the other side of the bridge and got a New York hot dog for dinner (as recommended by our tour bus guide on the “how to go on a classic New York date” advice) and then headed to meet our friend Jess for our next show..


Broadway Show #24: On the Town
Where: Lyric Theatre
Seats: Centre Balcony
Favourite Number: Carried Away
Rating: 8.769253*/10

Tickets purchased with contributions from: Jess Gerz, Lauren Law

*As a side note, we weren’t going to add decimals beyond .5’s, to keep our scores clean and easy. But I promised Jess that his rating would go on our blog exactly as he said it. We agreed that the show should get at least an 8.5 but he wanted to push it up closer to 9 (but we agreed not quite a 9 because other shows have been more of a 9) and so we did. The End.


Well this show was really great! Finally Chels and I have seen what we call “old-school” Broadway. There is so much dancing in this show and they’ve kept it very much in the older style of musical theatre. It’s the first time (and probably the last in NYC) that we’ve seen this much dancing on the stage and the classic style of let’s tell the story, now let’s stop to do a big dance number, now let’s continue to tell the story (instead of the integrated musicals we see these days). And the dancing was awesome! Huge ballet numbers with muscly guys and beautiful girls (one of the leading ladies has actually come from the New York City ballet company!) and huge flips and spins and lifts and twirls and running all over the stage.. it was really great. The cast was huge and the orchestra is currently the largest on Broadway – apparently a good reason why we don’t see these classic shows on stage anymore, because they cost too much. We had been thinking that this show might finally show us some decent tap but it turns out (Jess informed us) that the tap dancing was only added to the film because the leading lady was a tap star and would only do the film if she was able to dance (and it totally works for Gene Kelly too right?!). So no tap for us. Apparently it’s quite out of fashion on Broadway currently so possibly The Book of Mormon is about what we will get on this trip. But the ballet was just as incredible to tell the truth. And we had such a great time watching the classic style and feeling like we were seeing Gene Kelly on the stage! Our favourite number, ‘Carried Away’, had a dancing dinosaur (yes, Kirsty, you read that right!) and was definitely a highlight! But I think the best thing of all had to be the dancing and the sheer physicality of the performers. They were amazing! Now, I can’t actually find a decent YouTube clip for you to see the show as we did (not even a good trailer!) and there’s lots of clips of the first time they staged this show before it moved to Broadway. But I promise our version was bigger and better. What I did find though was a sort of preview clip from their rehearsals that give you an idea of the variation in song and dance that we saw. Pretty old school and pretty awesome. Love it.

Enough from me!


Princesses, Puppets and Coffee

So! Tuesday! We went on a tour of Upper Manhattan, Harlem and the Bronx. It was great and it officially means we have done a bit of exploring of all five boroughs during this trip – win. Now, I could give you a blog full of pictures of historic buildings and all the history around them because I am a big history nerd but I’m not going to. Instead, I am going to put up a few pictures that I took during the tour of normal buildings that I just liked the look of. Much more interesting:



Tuesday night we went and saw Cinderella. To be honest it was originally on our B list… maybe even our C list… but we have had great reviews on it from some of our industry buddies and there was a great deal on tickets so we thought, well, why not?


Broadway Show #21: Cinderella
Where: Broadway Theatre
Seats: Centre Mezzanine
Favourite Number: Do I Love You Because You Are Beautiful?
Rating: 8/10

This was surprisingly good. Unexpectedly good. It was actually the first time we’ve sat in a theatre that isn’t jam packed full, so that was new. But there was a good energy in the audience despite numbers and the show filled the room with RnH (Rodgers & Hammerstein) happiness all evening. The music reminded us a bit of The Sound of Music (funny that) and had a real bounce to it throughout, with lots of catchy tunes and numbers.

We were actually a part of something recent to Broadway as well – they’ve changed the cast to an African-American Cinderella (Keke Palmer) and stepmother (Sherri Shepherd), to mix it up for  all the little princesses out there (and there were a lot there in their dresses and crowns! Cute!) And the Cinderella is only 21! She’s apparently a bit of a TV star and we noticed that she wasn’t as well-trained as the other performers on stage in voice or performing, which made for an interesting difference and we enjoyed seeing someone a little less “Broadway” on the stage and it suited the character not to be as refined as the other performers.

The show has an updated book and the script was actually really funny in some parts – modernised in a similar fashion to Aladdin. But above all the highlight had to be the incredible costume changes – three times we saw a character transformed from rags to riches right in front of our eyes and each time was more amazing than the previous. It was really cool and after the show we spent all night watching YouTube clips, trying to figure out just how they did it! This show put us on a little bit of a high, after enjoying ourselves much more than we expected!


Yesterday it was raining – not that it got us down! We went and joined the (surprisingly short) queue to go into the pop-up Friends replica café! We are huge fans of the TV show (I mean really, who isn’t?) and it was great!


We made friends with all the security guards, saw the collection of costumes and props (we have lots of photos for other fans who want more!) and got our photo taken on the infamous Central Perk couch. Very cool.


From there we decided to stay in theme and missioned back to Greenwich to find the building they used for the exterior of the apartment building in the show on the corner of Bedford and Grove. Then because I had done my research, we were able to find the exterior of Ross (and Ugly Naked Guy)’s apartment exterior. And because we were in the area we popped into the Stonewall Inn for a beer and to check out the ‘Birthplace of Gay Pride’. Love it. Oh and we found the Big Gay Ice Cream Store. Brilliant.


We had a lovely catchup with our friend Julia from home who has moved over to study in NYC before dashing to our next show..


Broadway Show #22: Avenue Q
Where: New World Stages
Seats: Centre Orchestra
Favourite Number: If You Were Gay
Rating: 8/10

I was fortunate enough to see this show when I was in the UK, so I am going to hand it over to Theresa for this review as it was her first time:

 This is funny and naughty and puppets and musical all rolled into one – who wouldn’t have a good time?! It’s like Sesame Street on drugs, or drunk, and just being honest about life and all it’s fun and foibles. The guy (Michael Liscio, Jr) who played the main male puppets – Princeton & Rod – worked his butt off and was really amazing. He was sweating up a storm in the first act as he ran around the stage switching between his different characters. Awesome. And the actress (Veronica J. Kuehn) who played Kate Monster and Lucy was amazing and definitely our highlight for the evening.

I find it hard to choose between them all. Especially because in actual Sesame Street I love the voice of the Cookie Monster and there’s a character based on him called Trekkie Monster and the actor playing him (Jason Jacoby) does the voice perfectly! In fact, they were all great. Six actors on stage running around like crazy between different scenes and puppets and they were all fantastic. We had a thoroughly great time!


Got to run! Time for a bike ride!


Night Time & Circus Acts

Sunday we had an easy day, slept in, blogged, missioned to Union Square and had dinner at a Chocolate Restaurant (yum) before heading to what we consider an ‘experience’ show.


Broadway Show #20: Wayra Fuerza Bruta
Where: Daryl Roth Theatre
Seats: GA
Favourite moment: The Overhead Pool

This clip essentially covers the whole show:

This show was like a surrealist circus dance rave party. This Argentinian company is an offshoot from the infamous De La Guarda performance theatre company and consists of a live band, an overhead swimming pool and a LOT of aerial work.

I really enjoyed the show. There was no storyline or connecting features, it was more a bunch of different acts pieced together. The audience stood in a circle in the middle of the theatre and everything was visible – the set pieces, the rigging and my favourite, the crew. It was the first production we have been to where the crew were very visible, were dressed formally and were a big factor of the show. It was very Brechtian in the way the crew ran the show – they moved the audience, spotted performances and gave very clear safety checks – and I loved it. When the performers or the band were distracting the audience in one direction, I was turning around to see what the crew were setting up behind us. The crew also got a big acknowledgment during the curtain call and rightfully so with 5 Stage Managers, 5 Riggers, 4 operators and a huge crew looking after the audience – they deserved it.


At the end of the night they dumped water over the audience. We were prepared with our electronics in ziplock bags (it was no secret that it was going to happen – they sell rain ponchos, towels and dressing gowns before you go in) but we were lucky enough to be out of the main splash zone. We were just blasted by giant fans and confetti. FUN.


Yesterday we went on a mission out to Coney Island for a look around. Being off-season, everything was closed and it felt like a grimy ghost town.  The trip wasn’t a waste though, we managed to find some Bertie Botts every flavour beans! I wasn’t game enough to try the vomit flavour but I did try soap = bleugh.


Last night we went on a night tour of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, which was great to see everything from up high!


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Apologies for the amount of photos, my joining software is glitchy. Hopefully I will get it sorted before our next update! No collection would be complete without the classic…