Science and Turtles and Carousels, Oh My!

Friday we visited Dr Kirsty at work and Chelsea stole a lab coat to pretend she was a scientist… but then Dr Kirsty actually did real science and showed us some cells under a microscope. It was awesome being in the lab and seeing what the Doctor gets up to.


When we got home that night, Chels decided to spend some time with Ronnie and Reggie, Kirsty’s pet turtles. They are super cute and surprisingly fun to play with! PhotoGrid_1413645497612PhotoGrid_1413645763191

Friday night, Kirsty invited a group of her Boston local friends around and we shared a real American pot luck together including the big red cups for drinking and American flag plates for our dins.


Saturday we spent the day with Kirsty doing a bit of touristing around. We headed to the Mapparium first which is a really cool 30ft globe made of stained glass. You stand in the middle of the globe on a bridge so that you’re inside the world. The only catch is that the globe was built in the 1930s so the map was a little different to now. But we found NZ!


Then we headed to Carousel #7 of the Great American Carousel Tour! This one is the most unique we’ve come across because each of the creatures were designed from drawings that local school children drew. And the animals all had the name of the child carved into them. So we had birds and butterflies and bugs and all sorts! Theresa rode on a butterfly, Kirsty on an owl and Chelsea took a fox. Super cool! This was also the most unique music we heard – it was playing 90’s pop music (which seems to be a popular choice for locals around Boston) – instead of the traditional carnival music.


Last night we wrapped our stay in Boston with a delicious dinner at the lovely Bridget & Khaushik’s house to end what has been the most wonderful time spent catching up with Kirsty and her friends.


This morning Dr Kirst delivered us to the airport to begin our next adventure to…

[who gets the above reference?!]

This is how excited (and silly and tired) we were on the plane! PhotoGrid_1413730579726

And tomorrow begins Chelsea’s dream come true…

T&C xx

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