Beautiful, Beautiful Boston!

So Tuesday we dropped off the rental car and Kirsty directed us to Chinatown for an amazing and HUGE meal. We then went on a digestive walk through Boston Common & Park.


And got to see the chubbiest squirrel yet!


From there we got to experience the ‘Kirsty Danielson Walking Tour of Boston’ which included the Boston Legal building and the gorgeous library which is the oldest in America… maybe… the tour facts got a little vague at times (most of the old guy statues were identified as Dumbledore’s long lost cousin or brother. Hmm).



Tuesday night we had a great catch up with friends old and new – reuniting with the lovely Bridget and meeting her husband and Kirsty’s flatmates… House mates? Roommates? We digress. Wednesday we slept in (SLEPT IN!!) and decided to have a chilled out day. We ended up taking up residence in Boston Common on our Yankees blanket (a dangerous thing in the Red Sox zone) under some beautiful trees and chilled – took photos, leaf peeped and read. It was so lovely to just stop for a couple of hours.


We came home and met Kirsty as she finished work, had a lovely meal, watched a movie and ended the night with tea. Fabulous.


Yesterday it was raining and stormy so we flagged all the touristy plans and went to the movies and what an experience that was – the place was HUGE, the snacks list was insane and the seats reclined. Brilliant. And then Kirsty took us to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner to celebrate our wedding – SO good.


We like Boston.



PS – We want to send a big shout out to the beautiful Hanaray sisters (well actually Karen Dodd and Ruth Evans, both married) who both have birthdays this month – Karen on the 14th and Ruth on the 24th. We thought we’d post in the middle of both of your days so sending HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you guys from Boston! Love you lots and hope you get spoilt rotten xxx =



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