Puppies, Pumpkins & Leaf Peeping

So! Monday started with a photo shoot with one of the most characteristic dogs I’ve ever met. He was afraid of the sound of the camera clicking (but loves the lawn mower – go figure right?) so Theresa distracted him with a super long game of fetch.


I love taking photos of animals as much as I like doing small human shoots. I have yet to do both combined (… I’m looking at you Trieu family…)


Last night I was actually offered a job in Nashua as a photographer of an event through a friend of Steph’s who saw Remy’s photos on Facebook – although unfortunately we aren’t in New Hampshire on the date! Following puppy playtime we went to a place that I was VERY excited about visiting – a pumpkin patch!


There were so many different types of pumpkins and the best kettle corn we have ever had.


Following the great pumpkin adventure Steph graciously drove me around a bunch of back roads just to let me take photos of trees – the colours are so vibrant and beautiful and I love watching the leaves fall (I was informed last night that this is called Leaf Peeping. I am a Leaf Peeper. Theresa is also a Leaf Peeper but often is a dangerous Leaf Peeper as she Peeps Leaves while driving.) These photos are a mere few of hundreds – seriously, you want pictures of leaves? Come to me!


New Hampshire is so incredibly pretty. We had a wonderful time with Steph, Doug and Remy and looking forward to our next catch up!


Yesterday we were up early and drove down to Provincetown, Rhode Island, for a quick visit to HP Lovecraft’s house and headstone for our wonderful Scott which was incredibly interesting – we made friends with the cemetery security guard and he told us about all sorts of strange going ons – looking forward to a debriefing beer Dr Scott!


After a quick stroll around Brown University we arrived in Boston to see the fabulous Kirsty! So much awesome has happened already – Boston week is going to be amazing!


There is so much more to come!


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