New to New Hampshire!

On Friday we left Niagara falls (via an amazing pancake house – yum) and took our car Bernadette and our GPS Cynthia (names we bestowed on them) towards our next destination.


We travelled to Waterloo to see the wonderful Katie and Dave for a quick lunch visit! We got to see their adorable apartment and town and Chelsea forgot to take photos, except for this one!


From there we drove to Toronto through peak hour/ long weekend traffic (it’s a public holiday today) and made our way to the wonderful and awesomely named Chelsea Hotel for the night. Then we were up early the next morning to travel from sunny Canada to rainy Boston and pick up our new Car  – Nancy and our GPS – Helen.



We travelled through to Nashua in New Hampshire to meet an old friend of Theresa’s, Steph, her lovely husband Doug and this little guy – Remington!


Isn’t he cute?! Adorable. Yesterday we travelled through beautiful Massachusetts to Salem to explore the area and its history – we checked out the local psychic and witchcraft fair (apparently things go kind of crazy around Halloween) and we went on a bus tour with a guide giving us all the facts of the region before grabbing a bite to eat – fun day!


Tonight we returned to Nashua and Doug built a fire pit solely so that Theresa and I could make proper American smores with GIANT marshmellows. Yum.


Steph and Doug have also introduced Theresa to something that has the potential to be gross but is actually amazing – pumpkin spice beer! Served in a beer glass with the rim covered in caramel and dipped in cinnamon sugar = YUM! Apparently it’s only around for Fall – does anyone know an equivalent in NZ? If not we should start a new trend.


It has been so cool seeing all the pumpkins on the doorsteps and the Fall wreaths on doors. Fall is a cool time of year! Happy Columbus Day everyone!


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