Saying Goodbye to a Wonderful Town

So we are literally sitting in line at JFK airport waiting to check in and feel that it is an opportune time to say a HUGE Thank You to everyone who contributed to our wedding/honeyfund/honeymoon in any way.



Thanks to your help we were able to see 30 shows in the 30 days we were in the Big Apple and it was absolutely amazing and more than we could have ever planned or dreamed it would be!

So Roll Call Time!

A.Nony Mouse
Alex Yates
Ali Bruce
Amanda Grace Leo
Anna Nuria
Anne-Marie Ravlich
Barbara Hanaray
Bernard Hanaray
Bridget Scanlan
Bruce Commerer
Bryan Barkla
Cassi Mayersohn
Chrissy Bell
Clodagh Mills
Commerer Family
David Kempthorne
Donny McDonald
Elaine Walsh
Elizabeth Barkla
Helaina Keeley
Ian Hanaray
Jamie Johnstone
Jamie Webster
Jess Gersz
Jo Silver
John Clarke
JP Twaalfhoven
Katie Kempthorne
Kim Hanaray
Kirsty Danielson
Kjersti Engeland-Fors
Lauren Law
Long Family
Luca Evans
Mary Carll
Matt Evans
Matt Smith
Michael Wray
Michelle Commerer
Mick Bell
Molly Hanaray
Natalie Braid
Natasja Bell
Nola Galyer
Nolan Hanaray
Oliver Rosser
Paige Kermeen
Peter Hanaray
Richard Trieu
Ron Galyer
Ruth Evans
Sally Yates
Sam Trieu
Samantha Molyneux
Sandra Rassmussen
Scott Wilson
Shannon Starr
Sharon Wray
Sr Trish Hanaray
Susan McDonald
Teresa Callaghan
Therese Clarke
Tiffany Kalin
Tim Jansen
Tony Marr
Trieu Family
Val Lynch

We appreciate and absolutely love all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


We loved our time in New York (although we never got a piece of real New York pizza – gosh darn it, we will have to come back sometime) and now today we say goodbye to this wonderful city and continue on in our journey – we are only HALF WAY through our trip after all!

Next stop – Surprise additional location #1! Just to create some antici…




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