Night Time & Circus Acts

Sunday we had an easy day, slept in, blogged, missioned to Union Square and had dinner at a Chocolate Restaurant (yum) before heading to what we consider an ‘experience’ show.


Broadway Show #20: Wayra Fuerza Bruta
Where: Daryl Roth Theatre
Seats: GA
Favourite moment: The Overhead Pool

This clip essentially covers the whole show:

This show was like a surrealist circus dance rave party. This Argentinian company is an offshoot from the infamous De La Guarda performance theatre company and consists of a live band, an overhead swimming pool and a LOT of aerial work.

I really enjoyed the show. There was no storyline or connecting features, it was more a bunch of different acts pieced together. The audience stood in a circle in the middle of the theatre and everything was visible – the set pieces, the rigging and my favourite, the crew. It was the first production we have been to where the crew were very visible, were dressed formally and were a big factor of the show. It was very Brechtian in the way the crew ran the show – they moved the audience, spotted performances and gave very clear safety checks – and I loved it. When the performers or the band were distracting the audience in one direction, I was turning around to see what the crew were setting up behind us. The crew also got a big acknowledgment during the curtain call and rightfully so with 5 Stage Managers, 5 Riggers, 4 operators and a huge crew looking after the audience – they deserved it.


At the end of the night they dumped water over the audience. We were prepared with our electronics in ziplock bags (it was no secret that it was going to happen – they sell rain ponchos, towels and dressing gowns before you go in) but we were lucky enough to be out of the main splash zone. We were just blasted by giant fans and confetti. FUN.


Yesterday we went on a mission out to Coney Island for a look around. Being off-season, everything was closed and it felt like a grimy ghost town.  The trip wasn’t a waste though, we managed to find some Bertie Botts every flavour beans! I wasn’t game enough to try the vomit flavour but I did try soap = bleugh.


Last night we went on a night tour of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, which was great to see everything from up high!


IMG_7308 IMG_7294 IMG_7354 IMG_7377

Apologies for the amount of photos, my joining software is glitchy. Hopefully I will get it sorted before our next update! No collection would be complete without the classic…




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