So much awesome!

Now this might sound strange but I had the BEST time voting. The NZ Consulate is on Madison Ave near Grand Central Station on the 41st floor. We had a great view out the window next to the little makeshift booth and got to meet a few other kiwis who were residing in the big apple. It was a huge change to the school hall we normally visit. Huge thanks has to go to Kate Sheppard for making it possible for us in the first place!

voting90% of our wedding guests are here now and we have been able to see all of them at some point and it is a crazy thing I am having such a good time I forget to take photos. So after the voting fun we went to the Stardust Diner where the wait staff sing while they serve. I had a great time… I’m pretty sure it was a form of torture for Scott.

That leads us to our Hens’ Party: NYC Edition

Which was wonderful. It consisted of a meal with everyone at The Hardrock Café and then a beer at a pub afterwards. Super chilled out, super fun. Now what I was not expecting was any form of tears from me but there is a great video of me bawling my eyes out when I found that my friends Sally & Alex had come over to surprise me – they had been conspiring for A YEAR AND A HALF with everyone, telling me that they couldn’t make it just to surprise me on our Hens’ night. I am SO stoked they are here for our special day.


The night ended in an EMPTY Times Square at 3am with Theresa and Elaine discovering how many Long Island iced teas are just a touch too many – to the delight of (the very sober) Kirsty and I. Brilliant.

The next morning we were up early to go to the flower market. It was bucketing down with rain but it was so fun. There is a block of wholesale flower shops that sell pretty much anything you could want. I am chief florist on this project so I had a ball – looking forward to the wedding photos with them!

Yesterday afternoon a few of us ventured out to Brooklyn to a Doctor Who themed bar called ‘The Way Station’ for a few who-themed cocktails and some great discussions on whether daleks are actually scary. This was right up my alley. The bathroom was a Tardis (that WAS bigger on the inside!) and had a bunch of signatures including Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) telling everyone to Pee Happily. Love it. Pictured below is our own Matt Smith, bowtie and all!


Last night was something we had been waiting for, for a long time…

20140916_222525 (2)

Broadway Show #7 – Phillip Phillips
Where: Best Buy Theatre

Seats: General Admission
Favourite number: HOME
Rating: 9/10

Phillip was an incredible performer, no bells or whistles, he just got on stage with his band and played. I’m pretty sure he was having the best time of anyone in the room. Nearly every song ended up with the band just jamming together and having a good time, it was so great to be a part of.

Interestingly we found the audience ranged from 15 year old girls giggling to 70 year old grannies who were there to boogie. The audience was surprisingly dominantly men, so every sing along moment was bass heavy and flat but everyone was just having fun – including us.

He played our wedding song as his final encore number and it was awesome hearing a huge group of people singing their hearts out to it.

So, so glad we went.


Now! Today is pamper day before our wedding TOMORROW (That snuck up on us! We are getting so caught up in the day-to-day fun plans that we keep forgetting why we are all here!) The bridal party are due any minute for some pampering so must dash and get out of my pajamas!

Lots of Love,



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