New York New York!

 We made it!

Yesterday we said a very sad goodbye to the Hanaray family but not before one more crazy selfie on the way to school! We felt so welcomed and looked after by them so leaving was really hard… Luckily we were going somewhere awesome!


There was a bit of a time jump so at midnight when we arrived in our adorable apartment we dumped our suitcases and hailed the first cab to take us to Times Square – WORTH IT! Here is our exhausted and a bit jetlagged but still SO SO excited Time Square selfie..
IMG_20140909_015439Today we spent exploring our neighbourhood for the next month – our closest supermarket, our nearest subway station, our local bodega (all the essentials) and getting our apartment set up before a quick ride to Times Square, a hot dog and some star spotting (we found a very preggers Megan Hilty from SMASH!) before finding the theatre for our very first show….

maxresdefaultBroadway Show #1
Where: Shubert Theatre
Seats: Central Balcony
Favourite number: When I Grow Up
Rating: 8.5/10

What a brilliant way to start our Broadway journey – a wonderfully slick and beautiful production. Our very little 8 year old Matilda (Fina Strazza) was an amazing performer and dancer who carried the production on her shoulders with such grace and with the support of some equally hardworking other youngsters. Miss Trunchbull (Christopher Sieber) provided comic relief and had a great set of legs and Mrs Wormwood (Lesli Margherita) could dance a magnificent tango! But the highlight had to be the production design.

The set was minimalist and spaces were created mostly with vibrant lighting which we really enjoyed as we were in the balcony so we could see all of the floor patterns – it unfortunately meant we lost a bit of the action in the stalls but it was worth it. The lighting and set relationship was seamless and very, very clever – we can see why the Lighting Designer (Hugh Vanstone) won a Tony for it!


Tomorrow night – Pippin! We hope it is just as good!

C&T x

PS – If the pictures in the panels are too small click on them and they get bigger!

PPS – Thanks to our recent Honeyfund contributions! We couldn’t do any of this without your help!!! YOU ROCK!


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