Hens’ Party – Auckland Edition


Last night we had the best start to our holiday that we could possibly ask for: a bunch of our friends gathering for a catchup – no strippers or party games, just good food, music and wine. How civilised!


Scott and Teresa decked their house with purple for the festivities!



IMG_20140830_090304Gryffin was very interested in being involved – not so much after people started arriving.


I got no photos of the night because I was too busy enjoying myself. The only one I got was this one of Sami imitating a cupcake. Brillant.


And at 2am the last ones standings were our amazing, incredible hosts and the brides.


Thank you so much to everyone who came last night, we had such an amazing night and we are super grateful that we have so many awesome people in our lives. Also, thanks to all those who have sent us bon voyage messages on facebook/phone/txt!

9 hours to go!!!

C & T




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