Packing Packing Packing


Okay, so in 47 hours we will be on a plane to San Francisco but many things have to happen before then – some exciting (HENS’ PARTY!) and some not so fun, like packing. Packing on minimal sleep is even worse (hello travel anxiety nightmares)!

Tonight is our final night in our house before we go – tomorrow we officially begin living out of our suitcases as we are staying the night with Scott and Teresa following our Hens’ party.

Packing is less than fun but we think we are ready to go with half full suitcases and a LOT of goodies for our homesick kiwi friends.

10656438_10152698308108245_118478170_nSo, passports – check! Tickets – check! Wedding rings – check!

I hope we haven’t forgotten anything!



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