Well yesterday was one month until the big day and we’re ten days from the hen’s party which means 11 days till departure – holy moly! Can’t believe we’re this close already! It feels like we’ve been building to this for so long that it almost would never happen. Four years of planning and saving and here we are at the final countdown!

One incredible important individual that I have to mention on this special day is our amazing travel agent Leonie. No jokes – this woman has been working with me for TWO YEARS to plan every little detail of the wedding trip and has patiently waited while Chels and I pick and choose where we’re going and what we’re doing and then meticulously planned each and every detail of the honeymoon. She is an absolute star and finally, at the end of last week, I went to visit her for the last time to pick up all of our paperwork. She was so excited that she even spent time on arts and crafts for our tickets:

And because Chelsea wasn’t there when I went to pick them up, she wrapped her itinerary copy like a present!

We could not have asked for a more supportive, enthusiastic and superb individual to guide us through all of our bookings. So Leonie, now that you have signed up to our blog – this is a huge THANKS to you!!! And for the rest of you, I would recommend this wonderful woman, but she is off to greater skies with a new job and a new company. She has left with a bang, having finished with our honeymoon (thank God she didn’t leave before finishing with us!!!). Wishing you all the best Leonie and thank you again.

Right, time to write the packing list for our suitcases!

Theresa x

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