Good News Sandwich

So this is going to be a Good News/Bad News/Good News post – a good news sandwich if you will!

Good News:
The key to our New York apartment arrived in the post yesterday! SO EXCITING!


Theresa’s wedding shoes arrived in the post this morning (but no photo of those yet), I had the first fitting for the top part of my dress on Wednesday night and Theresa has been all measured up for her suit – everything is ticking along as planned. I also learnt how to make dollar bill origami, I figure it will come in handy at some point.


Bad News:
We always knew it was coming, but today is the day. Theresa has flown down to Christchurch for work and on Tuesday I fly down to Wellington for a month – it means a total of 31 days we are going to be living apart (Yip, I counted.) But, it does mean when we both return to Auckland that there will be 34 days until we leave for our trip (Again, yes I counted). It is getting so close!


Good News:
We have some AMAZING friends and family – We have received so many donations recently to our honeyfund and we are feeling so lucky to be surrounded by people who want to support us on our special day. Thank you so much!




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