Lullaby of Broadway

We have been busy trucking along with our wedding plans in the last few weeks paying deposits, writing our vows and saving every… single… penny! We have become very reclusive and are questioning every dollar we spend because we want to make the absolute most of our time on our fabulous wedding trip! Also… apologies in advance for handmade birthday presents!

I posted this photo on facebook a couple of weeks ago. It’s $44 of American money we have had on our wall for two years as a reminder of what we are saving for and it is going to buy us a drink to toast with the night we arrive in New York and head to Times Square.

A few of our friends and family members following that post have since contacted us and asked if they can add money to our kitty and each time we have graciously thanked them and politely suggested they look at our Honeyfund!

Our Honeyfund is an online gift registry where instead of gifts we have created an option to contribute towards a brilliant theatrical performance! For those of you who know Theresa and I, we are Musical Theatre junkies, so spending our honeymoon as Broadway babies is going to be a dream come true.

So we are basically crowdsourcing our honeymoon and as a result we are going to post our reviews of the shows on this site with a HUGE appreciation for those people that got us there! Thank you so much to those who have contributed so far!

Much love and appreciation,


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