Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

So, our flights are booked and we’re in the process of organising our various hotels across America. I can’t go into too much detail prior to our trip because Chelsea has left this up to me to organise (I love surprising her and she hates surprises so our compromise for the wedding trip is that I get to surprise her with our hotel choices = fun!) Here’s the schedule:

Our incredible journey begins in Auckland as we depart for San Fransisco. We’ll be spending just over a week here including time with the San Jose Hanaray family! I’m so incredibly excited to see my brother Pete and his wife Kim! It’s been years since I’ve seen them. In fact, at the time they only had one six month old son, Ian. They now have Molly and Nolan too so it’ll be amazing to meet them! And really exciting to introduce Chelsea to the rest of my immediate family who haven’t met her yet! In between weekends with the family, we’ll head to San Fran city and spend a few days exploring the rainbow side of life there and of course, seeing the Golden Gate bridge.

Following San Fran we fly to the Big Apple and have a whole month to explore Broadway and New York City! That by itself is the full dream for us. The one thing we’ve always known about our wedding/honeymoon has been New York City. We’ll be spending every night watching shows and days exploring all the tourist spots (make sure you tell us in comments below if you have any recommendations!). And of course right in the middle of that month is when we’ll be getting hitched at Central Park on the 18th of September. Another dream fulfilled – to MARRY each other. We have been so lucky getting some amazing vendors for our wedding and I can’t wait to fill you in on those details in later blogs!

To ensure we don’t mourn our departure from NYC too soon, we’re heading up to Boston to spend ten days with my best friend Kirsty. She’s living in Boston and is so close to NYC that there is no way we would miss the chance to spend some good time with her! While she’s working at Harvard during the day (yeah, she’s one of those really smart scientists!) we’ll have time to explore another city!

At the end of our Boston holiday, we’ll fly down to Orlando to play at Harry Potter World and Universal Studios for a whole week! Our amazing travel agent Leonie has booked us at a really exciting resort which I think Chels is going to love and she’s organised us tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil show there as well! But above all other things, THIS is what Chelsea is MOST looking forward to (all other HP fans reading this will totally understand):

The final stop on our trip is Los Angeles where we will spend a weekend exploring Hollywood, touring Warner Bros and checking out the star walk! Then it’s onwards home to relax for a couple of weeks before our post-Wedding party in Auckland where we will share with you all the colours, outfits, photos, video and cheer of our amazing trip!



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