Start Spreading the News

Our New York invitations were printed, packaged and sent to our families in the lead up to Christmas last year, celebrating the three year mark of our engagement (18th of December)!

The beautiful Chelsea spent months designing our wedding invites in our wedding colours (purple and silver) along with carnival/theatre fonts while I found some great matching envelopes and participated in LOTS of proofing! 

We decided to get photos taken of us for this site and our invitations so we spent a morning with the wonderful Ollie who walked us around Cornwall Park to get updated shots of the two of us. We picked this one and included it with the invite as we liked the idea of making them really personal and it would put a stop to the ongoing nagging from family for photos of us ;P

We voluntarily foster sick cats for the SPCA and while we were putting all the parts of our invitations together during a rainy Sunday night, our cat at the time, Sherlock, got VERY interested in the stickers we used to seal the envelopes so Chelsea made him part of the process – he loved it! 


We have had some lovely and excited responses to our invites! As we are essentially eloping we unfortunately could only invite our families but we still have a stack of invites to go out for our Auckland gathering. We wanted to leave it until it is closer to the time – who plans a party 9months out right?!


Bring it on 2014!


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